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The Factory in Sacklewell Lane, opens its doors

The pop-up retail space in Sacklewell Lane in Dalston, has recently been completed and a soft launch has taken place with retail and exhibition events. It is nice to see how this space was transformed with the means of a relatively small budget and basic materials into a flexible set of units that take on diverse exhibits and accommodate various users' needs.

Main Entrance View

Here are some views of the various exhibitions that have taken place already. Spotlights with various beams formed part of the 'infrastructure' to allow for proper focusing on different sizes of objects and artwork.

Small details that make a difference: spotlights at the front part of the studios to allow for a potential 'display'. Here they make a great use as the fabric separates the space from the main exhibition area. Glowing from the back too, it makes the perfect backdrop.

Provision for extra power and neon signs gives an extra element of branding for the space.

Views from the exhibitions.

Dark materials, but light designed in appropriate way provides an inviting interior.

Architects: Studio SYN

Client: Maun Holdings

Interior Design: Seesaw Studios

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