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The Venice Biennale

The 17th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennial under the theme of “How will we live together?” curated by Hashim Sarkis, will open to the public from Saturday 22 May through Sunday 21 November 2021 at the Giardini, the Arsenale, and Forte Marghera.

-How will be live together?

-By understanding, respecting, and connecting to the web of entanglement that is life on Earth.

The installation by reputable practice doxiadis+ explores the world of fungi in a captivating installation with live fungi and other artefacts. The light installation by light in space has used gobo projections and simple theatrical effects to create an immersive experience to the world of fungi that the landscape practice wanted to create.

An illuminated pattern symbolizing the network of living organisms is projected on the floor leading to a giant petri dish. Within it there are the fungi cultures grown by the specialists participating in this multi-disciplinay exhibit. The visitors are following the illuminated path to the darker room where the petri dish dominates. Further information on the world of fungi are laid on the side tables in a mystical and captivating setting, facilitated by the sounds of a beating heart.


Architectural firm: doxiadis+ | Architects and Landscape Architects

Team: Thomas Doxiadis, Marina Antsaklis, Despoina Gkirti, Eva Beristianou, Angeliki Mathioudaki, Ioanna Potiriadi, Alexandra Souvatzi


Zacharoula Gonou-Zagou – Mycologist, Scientific Collaborator

Julia Pitts – Exhibition Interpretation Consultant

Alkestie Skarlatou – Lighting Designer

Peter Aslanidis – Sound Design, Composer, mixing

Kostas Linoxylakis – Sound, mixing

Lars Ohlendorf – Sound, assistance, sourcing

Helliniki Meletitiki – Structural Engineer

Cathy Cunliffe – Photographer

Lefteris Laxouvaris – Mycologist, Mushroom Supplier


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